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Welcome to our RETAIL LOCATIONS page

This page was designed with the objective to make it easier for patients to acquire any of our products from the nearest retail location available. We list the RETAIL LOCATIONS of our vendors as they become available.

Chemocap Products
1468 Belle River Road
Belle River, Ontario
 N0R 1A0

Phone: 1-519-728-1006
Fax: 1-519-971-0567

Email:   Sales: sales@chemocap.com
    Customer Service: customerservice@chemocap.com
    Testimonials: testimonials@chemocap.com

Our Products are reusable, durable, and FDA approved. All our products can be used either hot or cold and remain flexible for maximum comfort.


Your cost - unit: $119.00 US

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ChemoCap: Prevents hair loss caused by chemotherapy.
Your cost - unit: $99  US

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MigraineCap: Migraine headache relief (No side effects).
Gloves - Detox (incl inserts):
Your cost - pair: $124 US

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Gloves & Slippers: Prevent skin toxicity on nail and toes.


Note : The ChemoCap maintains the desired cold temperature ( - 25 C to -30 C ) for 45 minutes ..It must be worn 15 minutes before, 15 minutes after, and during the infusion . The ChemoCaps need to be switched quickly to avoid vasodialation ( for more details click on Method Of Use links )


IMPORTANT : In order to determine the number of ChemoCaps needed for your
treatment ask your physician how long ( minutes / hours ) the infusion for
your treatment lasts, then add the 15 minutes before, and the 15 minutes
after the infusion : exemple : 1 hour treatment ( 60 minutes) add 15 mns +
15mns = 90 minutes : 45 mns = 2 ChemoCaps are neded


Dr. Edward I. Stout Ph.D.
Dr. Stout received his MS in Chemistry from Bradley University 1968. He obtained his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, with expertise in polymer chemistry, from the University of Arizona in 1973. He has positively impacted the world through the development of his patented unique gel technology now known as .

In 1983 Dr. Stout developed and marketed the first microwaveable/duel hot/cold pack, and in 1987 he received the FDA's permission to expand the technology for applications in wound care management, scar management, and padding materials. He continues to develop innovative product lines with the patient's well being in mind.

Dr. Stout has authored and published numerous scientific papers and holds many patents. He has been nominated for the "Who's Who" list for the last twenty years both domestically and internationally and won the prestigious award of International Man of the Year 2001 for his developments in wound care products.

I. Features/Benefits

Our products may be used for either hot or cold therapy and will not leak if punctured. When heated, products provide moist therapeutic heat and when used cold, products provide soothing cold without causing trauma to the skin or nerves. In addition, when used cold, the products remain soft and flexible even at -20°F. The products will not dry out, become hard or change form, and are re-usable. The products have the ability to conform to all contoured areas. Products are covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, heat transfer, and comfort.

II. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. See care instructions for each product for heating, cooling, and care.
  2. Always store product in a re-closable bag when stored in the freezer. If you lose your re-sealable bag - use any re-sealable bag.