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The ChemoCap is made of a glycerine-based hydrogel which maintains its suppleness even when deep-frozen. The cover material is a waterproof stretchable fabric. The chin-strap assures proper contact with the scalp.

Directions For Use

  1. Keep the cap in a plastic bag in a deep-freezer at (-25° to -30°C for 12 hours.)
  2. Before placing the cap on the patient:
    • Moisten a disposable non-woven bonnet with cold water and put it on the scalp to improve thermal conductivity and to induce an initial temperature drop.
    • Protect exposed skin on the forehead and the ears from frostbite using cotton, wool or another suitable material.
  3. Fit the cap snugly over the patient's head and maintain in place as follows:
    • With the FEC protocol: The anthracyclines (50mg/m2) are injected IVD 15 minutes after positioning of the cap and the cap is left in place for a total duration of 1 hour.
    • With Taxol protocol: The infusion is started 15 minutes after positioning the cap. Since the Taxol infusion lasts for 3 hours, five caps will be used (1 cap every 45 minutes).
    • With Taxotere protocol: The infusion is started 15 minutes after positioning the cap. Since the Taxotere infusion lasts 1 hour, two caps will be used (1 every 45 minutes)
  4. Leave the cap in place at least 15 minutes after ending the infusions.

Procedural Use of the ChemoCap

Procedure 1 Procedure 2 Procedure 3 Procedure 4 Procedure 5

Important Notes

Cap changes must be effected as quickly as possible to avoid a vasodilatation reflex. The cap must be worn for every therapy session, an interruption will compromise its efficiency. Assure close contact with the scalp at all times, use extra bandages if necessary. After use allow the cap to dry before replacing it in the freezer.
Avoid flat storage, use the insert provided to maintain the shape!

Leave the caps in the freezer at least 12 hours prior to the chemotherapy treatment. Place cap on head 15 minutes BEFORE treatment, DURING the treatment, and 15 minutes afterward. Each cap is used for 45 minutes. Switching the caps must be done very quickly for best results.

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe surface with soap and water, rinse and dry. Never soak the cap in water.

Before leaving for your oncologist's appointment:

  • Seal the ChemoCaps in a plastic bag.

  • Place the Caps in a cooler with DRY ICE.

  • Bring a sweater and a soft blanket to keep warm during the therapy.

  • Bring long cloth strips to wrap around the Caps once placed on the head snuggly.

  • Have a friend or relative present to assist in changing the Caps quickly and efficiently.

  • Make surer the Cap is worn 15 minutes before the infusion, and keep it on for at least 15 minutes after the end of the infusion.

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The ChemoCap is guaranteed for 6 months from date of purchase.

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ChemoCap: Prevents hair loss caused by chemotherapy.
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Prevent hair loss, inhibit stroke paralysis, relieve migraine headaches, and sinus pain / pressure