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LipoSlimBrand Name: MALIKA

Model Number: IPL (GI-01) 
Description: 530nm - 560 nm - 585nm - 640nm - 1200nm
Energy: 40J/cm2 - Pulse Intermission: 5ms ~ 50ms - Pulse Frequency: 0.3HZ
Application: Removes all unwanted hair, New design with Soft-Touch LCD screen

NON-Invasive and Pain-Free, Remarkable and Lasting Results.

Equipment Overview

Laser-IPL removes unwanted hair from targeted areas of the body. Laser-IPL is an intense Pulsed Laser which can be used to remove all hair colors ranging from light grey to dark black hair with outstanding results. Hair removed from treated area(s) of the body is permanent, safe and virtually painless. Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) can be even more effective when combined with Radio Frequency (RF) for additional cosmetology benefits bound to increase your customers' satisfaction and boost there confidence.

Laser-IPL is safe to use. easy to operate and delivers remarkable and lasting results

Laser-IPL Specs
- Four (4) Built-in Modes:  
- 530nm - 1200nm for skin Rejuvenation and blemishes
- 480nm - 1200nm for Acne treatment
- 380nm - 1200nm for Capillary treatment
- 640nm - 1200nm for Unwanted Hair removal 
- User Interface LCD
- Temperature Control: Quality built-in Cooling System
- Energy: 50J/cm2
- Pulse No: 1 - 6
- Pulse Intermission: 50ms
- Pulse Frequency: 0.3Hz
- Light Spot Area: 15 X 35 mm
- IPL Handle: FOUR (4) Sapphire Treatment Filters
- Shot number: 60,000 Shots
- Net Weight: 50Kgs
- Gross Weight: 76Kgs
- Voltage / Power: 110 - 220 / 800W
- Packaging: 65cm x 59cm x 118cm Aluminum container
- Worldwide Delivery Time: 2 to 3 weeks

Retail Price List: for access to our retail price on this unit and similar equipment we invite you to email us with your inquires at:  ACEequipment@chemocap.com
Wholesale Price list: Vendors and Resellers are invited to direct all enquiries to our wholesale desk at: ACEvendor@chemocap.com
Please Note : Our products and equipments are sold exclusively to Medical Professionals, Licensed Cosmetologists, and Biomedical Vendors and Resellers.  ALL Inquiries should include your company name, address(s), phone number(s), and business website (URL)

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